The Asian giant has become the country that generates more revenue for the iOS app store.


As can be seen from the latest data published by App Annie, China is the country where Apple receives more revenue for its App Store .

The Californian company managed in the third quarter to reach the figure of $ 1.7 billion in that market , being the Games category responsible for 75% of its revenues in China.

Since 2010 the United States ranked first in the iOS app store, but the growth rates that came registering the App Store in China predicted that the North American country would be overcome soon.

Currently, China leads the United States revenue by 15% in the Apple applications market, thanks to the fact that its spending on that service has increased fivefold in the last two years .

Looking ahead, the forecasts are excellent for China , as they are expected to increase their income in areas that are not related to the gaming field, they collect VentureBeat .

On the other hand, the App Annie report also indicates that live video streaming presents good prospects in China , and advances that by the end of 2017 it will generate revenues of 5.5 billion dollars.