The proposal of Cisco, covers implementations on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments with a single contract and without additional charges.

Cisco has announced Cisco Enterprise Agreement, or Cisco EA, a new licensing model for software products and services.

“as organizations seek to create new business models and generate new sources of revenue, require a model that is simple and flexible to manage their investments in software. Want to implementations on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments, and not to exceed the deadline or the budget”, says Mark Hill, vice president of Digitization in Cisco.

“Cisco Enterprise Agreement provides this easy, flexible way to access technology of Cisco” Hill said, “and all under a single agreement for companies of any size and sector”.

Cisco Enterprise Agreement will be available on contracts from three to five years and, in principle, will take into account the architectures of Collaboration, Infrastructure and Security. This is, spanning Cisco’s Spark Flex Plan, Cisco Unified Communications Suite, Cisco Meeting Server add-on Suite, Cisco WebEx On-Premises Suite, the technologies offered through the suites Cisco ONE as Switching, Wireless, Data Center Networking or Data Center, Cloud, among others, and solutions such as Email Security Suite, Cloud and Web Security Suite, Policy, and Visibility Suite and Security Essentials Suite.
Cisco customers will have the opportunity to choose a single suite, or perform combinations, with a contract for everything. In this way, it modifies the way of purchasing, deploying and adopting technology that bears the stamp of Cisco.

Another feature is the possibility of adding capabilities a posteriori, according to the needs of each one. Cisco Enterprise Agreement includes 20 % extra software and support services. Used in addition to a model “true forward” that are not charged to those who exceed that margin of 20 % with retroactive effect. What is proposed by Cisco is to review the contract when you start a new billing period.