Together, these companies want to give way to a “platform provider of next generation data”.

Cloudera and Hortonworks have decided to combine their businesses. So, have announced a “merger of equals” that should give rise to a “platform provider of next generation data” with implications in “multinube, on-premises and the Edge”.

The shareholders of Cloudera will have the major portion, with approximately 60 %.

After this merger, the CEO of Cloudera, Tom Reilly, will become the CEO of the combined company.

“Our businesses are highly complementary and strategic”, valora the own Reilly. “To link the investments of Hortonworks on the data management end-to-end with investment of Cloudera in data warehousing and machine learning, will deliver the first cloud data enterprise of the industry, from Edge to IA”.

“This vision will allow our companies to move forward in our shared commitment to the success of the client in their pursuit of digital transformation”, he says.

For his part, Rob Bearden, CEO of Hortonworks, believes that “we will be able to offer a broader set of offerings that will enable our customers to leverage the value of their data”.

“Together”, says this officer, who will be part of the Board of Directors company, “we are well positioned to continue growing and competing in the markets of streaming and IoT, data management, data data warehousing, machine learning/AI, and hybrid cloud”.

in Addition to Bearden, three other directors of Hortonworks will shape the new Board. For part of Cloudera will join Reilly and four others. There is a tenth director, who will be selected among all. The president will be Marty Cole, of Cloudera.

In regards to other posts, the current CFO of Cloudera, Jim Frankola, it will maintain this position in the combined company. The same thing will happen with Scott Davidson and Arun C. Murthy, COO and head of Product, respectively, of Hortonworks.