It’s called Altus Analytic DB and has been developed in the form of platform as a service.

Altus Analytic DB is the newest product of Cloudera, so soon, has been announced in the form of beta.

And what is it, specifically, Altus Analytic DB? “Is the first service of data storage in the cloud that takes the silo to the data, and not the other way around, thanks to a unique architecture and scalable in the cloud that eliminates the costly and complicated file transfer”. This is as defined by its creators.

Based on the query engine data Apache Impala and developed in the form of platform as a service (PaaS), this service aims to deliver self-service, instant Business Intelligence and a structured database.

in Addition to bring the silo to the data instead of transferring the data to the base, Altus Analytic DB promises to analytic snapshots, consistent information and access from any place and by any user. And is that Cloudera also emphasizes that the same information and the same catalogues will be accessible for analysts, scientists, or engineers data using your tools of choice: SQL, Python, or R.

“This platform makes it easier for analysts to access the data to apply business intelligence and analytics of structured data, always with a focus on business”, indicates Carles Zedlewski, director of product for Cloudera. “And all without the need of performing data transfer to the platform, so that users can turn the clusters to create business reports, to explore and even to develop channels of data, on the same SDX and without impacting the performance or SLAs”.