The top 10 of countries with the least infections is jam-packed with european names. Highlights Finland, with 0.34 % of attacked machines.

The crooks have returned to make mischief during the first quarter of 2017. And have continued to focus on companies to monetize their attacks.

according To the “Quarterly Report Q1” of PandaLabs, the laboratory malware of Panda Security, in the year so far, the companies have been consolidated as the main goal. Are in a 2,45 % of attacked machines. In comparison, the domestic users are located at a rate of 2,19 %.

The Spanish company reveals that the infection rates are more bulky are concentrated in Asia and Latin america. is India tops the list with a 12,87 % of attacked machines. After she is classified Taiwan (9,21 %) and Malaysia. The american country most threatened is Brazil.

In terms of the countries with least infections, the top 10 is filled with european names. Highlights Finland, with a 0.34 percent, but also the Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Greece and France, all of them under 1 %. With a 1.01 per cent are located in Slovenia and with a 1.03 per cent, Switzerland.

From the Panda report that cybercrime is professionalizing. Increasingly looking for the real-time interaction with the victims.

In terms of ransomware, have appeared new families during the first quarter, as the WYSIWYE with own interface and Popcorn Time, who resorts to the style meme. There was also a request of rescue peculiar, blocking the rooms of a hotel in austria and going from the virtual to the physical.