We all know that videogames are one of the main entertainment media worldwide, but is there excessive consumption? Addicted to the video game? To address this and other issues ESNE , University School of Design, Innovation and Technology with the collaboration of the Spanish Videogames Association, organizes next Thursday, May 23 at 6:00 p.m. < / b> the ‘First Day on the responsible use of video games’.

An appointment starring experts from the videogame industry, education, the new technologies, as well as doctors in psychology, in which they will talk about the behavior patterns of people addicted to video games, how to detect and confront them. In addition, they will deepen the demystification of the negative values ​​of videogames and highlight the important role that developments currently have with a healthy and educational playfulness as a training tool.

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Here’s the full agenda of the Day

18.00 . Welcome and presentation of the Day. Alejandro Arranz, General Director of Research and Innovation of the Community of Madrid.

18:10 . Commercial video games and their contribution to future competitions. Andrea Plaza, teacher and expert in Learning and Knowledge Technologies, and Training Manager — Learning Delivery Specialist at Microsoft.

18.30 < / b>. The application of technologies derived from video games: Serious games, simulators and training experiences. Dr. Luis Peña, director of the ESNE Digital Technology academic area.

18.45 . When do video games become a problem? Dr. José César Perales, associate professor of the University of Granada in the Faculty of Psychology. Doctor of Experimental Psychology.

19.15 . Successful cases of videogames as training tools:

— Games in the didactics of history in support of teaching. Dr. José Ignacio De Frutos, Professor of History at IES Juan de los Ríos de Málaga.

— Ludomath, video games for mathematics. Javier Franco Rodríguez, professor of mathematics at the Humanitas Bilingual School in Torrejón de Ardoz.

— Games to share time and real and virtual spaces. Mohammed Bakir, ESNE professor and director of the “Responsible Gaming Project”.

20.15 . Closing. José María Moreno, General Director of AEVI (Spanish Video Game Association)