companies will spend about 135,000 million dollars on cyber-security in 2022, but until then will have accumulated $ 8 billion of losses.

companies invest in safety in a moment in which the bad guys do not stop to prepare attacks. But in the end lose more money than they spend on protecting themselves.

So what gives to understand the consulting firm, Juniper Research, which indicates that while spending on cybersecurity will grow 8% annually in the coming years, the costs arising from the actions of cybercrime will increase by 30 %. In front of the 93.000 millions of dollars that Juniper Research believes that spend at the global level on cybersecurity during this 2017, 2022 the final figure will rub the 135,000 million. Despite this improvement, note that the running costs in the next five years for security reasons will amount to 8 billion dollars.

Within those 8 trillion taking into account the solutions to implement to repair the security problem itself, as well as the fines to pay, or the loss of business.

An alternative of the future could be to take advantage of the machine learning to deal with criminals, instead of relying on their own professional security, which also today are scarce. “artificial intelligence provides a solution to the gap of talent in the cybersecurity market, to play roles similar to those of the analysts of cyber security”, comments the researcher James Moar. But if and when delivered “simplicity and interoperability to the end users, in what is a very fragmented market”.

From Juniper Research indicate that the security market today offers tools varied, “many of which do not integrate well with each other and require a high level of experience” and even “labor” to handle them, which would be a stumbling block for smaller organizations and with less budget.