If you haven’t had the chance to play Control , new from the authors of Max Payne and Alan Wake, you’ll be happy to hear that Remedy is preparing the launch of a Game of the Year edition that will give access to the main game plus its content expansions . And the good news is that we won’t have to wait long to enjoy this Ultimate Edition of Control.

Only if you buy the Ultimate Edition you can update the game for free on PS5 and Series X «It includes the two expansions The Foundation and AWE, and all the content updates of the game since its launch,» reports the studio responsible for the memorable Max Payne 2. Remedy has announced that this new version of Control will go on sale on Steam next August 27 , followed by a release on PS4, Xbox One and Epic Games Store on September 10 . There will also be a version for the new generation consoles, although this Ultimate Edition will have a staggered launch on Xbox Series X and PS5 due to «the global health crisis».

At the end of 2020 its digital version will go on sale, and at the beginning of next year, we will have the physical version. Will the game update for free on PS5 and Xbox Series X if you have this generation versions? Yes … but with nuances, because it will only do with the Ultimate Edition , leaving out of this option the standard version of Control.

The premiere of this Ultimate Edition on Steam coincides with the launch of the second and last Control expansion , which links the game with the Alan Wake universe. This connection between its two games is not going to be an exception according to the last words of Remedy, who assured that your next video game shares a universe with Control and Alan Wake .