A report has revealed that Apple knows the identity of people who exchange messages on its messaging platform.


Although Apple presumes that iMessage is a tool with which you can have private conversations with friends , a report published in The Intercept reveals that reality is somewhat different.

Although Apple does not have access to the contents of the conversations, if you can know who are the people who are having a chat .

Specifically, when a user tries to contact another through the apple brand messaging app, the app contacts Apple servers to check if that person has an iMessage account.

In that sense, The Intercept report reveals that Apple can know who this user is trying to contact , regardless of whether or not they have an account on their instant messaging platform.

Apple keeps the 30-day period records the date and time on which that contact request occurred, as well as the IP address from the one that was sent , which can provide information on the location of that user.

The truth is that the controversy is served , since although from Apple they assure that to grant access to these data they need a court order , the Californian company could use them with other multiple purposes.