In western Europe the most popular brands remain Apple and Samsung, a notable distance from the rest.

The market of smartphones the european has suffered the impact of the crisis of coronavirus.

According to the data Analytics Strategy for the first quarter of the year, when that crisis began to be noticed, the proceeds from the sale of these devices in the most western zone of the continent fell 10 %. The consultant points directly limited demand in the midst of the pandemic.

Apple and Samsung maintain their duopolior, with more than 80% of the income. Apple alone accounts for almost half of the market.

Huawei has lost bellows by the trade restrictions imposed by the united States and the prohibition relating to use mobile services of Google. Hence right now only controls 7 % of the income, and the rest of the participants get too close.

After Huawei poke the head other chinese brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus. In addition, it is expected that Oppo go accumulating volume in the future.

“as Europe starts to emerge after the stop of the COVID-19 and with the volumes of 5G waiting for their chance to 2021, the market will be much more competitive”, opina Neil Mawston on behalf of Strategy Analytics.

“The marks inherited from the decade of 2010 as Motorola, LG and even Sony will continue to have problems as they try to balance a desire for presence at the top level with the reality that their brands have a questionable competence to support this aspiration”, pointing to Mawston.

This analyst predicts that “the two fields of battle key will be the marketing and the price”.