Predator: Hunting Grounds , the asymmetric multiplayer video game based on the cinematic universe of the Predator saga, already has its patch 2.0 on its way, which will be available from August 28, and which will include the < b> cross-play with friends as its main novelty.

A new update with a new map will arrive in September The update of this frenetic shooter will also allow you to unlock the classic Combistick and the wrist launcher from the City Hunter content. In addition to various weapons for the military, including the OWLF assault rifle, anti-camouflage grenade, UAV scanner, and Syrette revive car. As well as an update with three new predator skins, new shades and shaders. There are also some improvements to fix certain bugs.

This patch is part of the roadmap established by IllFonic < / b>, the studio responsible for the game, which also plans that in September, through a new free update, a new map and a game mode will arrive to continue increasing the Predator network experience . < / p>

In case you don’t know, although it’s been on sale for a few months now, this Predator-based game is an asymmetric multiplayer in which players can be part of a military team that aims to destroy the beast; although you can also take on the role of the Predator , with various abilities and the objective of annihilating the group of enemies. You can learn more in our analysis of Predator Hunting Grounds . You should also make sure that you can add Arnold Schwarzenegger to the team .