Among the new parts are new legendary booths called Griffon , Nova or Cohort , but also new weapons of epic rarity and other surprises planned for the coming weeks. A Battle Pass has been released that will help you climb 15 levels, access to new pieces, decorations, paintings, backgrounds and logos, PK and coins. Naturally, and as has happened in other events and passes of a similar nature , you will only be able to access the pass once during the event.

Crossout is an F2P video game created by Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment in 2015 . The software shelters players eager to pass out gunpowder, lead, and burned rubber to other users in battles where survival is all that matters. Anything goes, and your enemies will also prove it to you with their actions in the wilderness. Play Crossout for free and jump into his post-apocalyptic universe < / b> on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.