The new ceo, Lior Tal, has announced the program Cyanogen Modular OS that gives a twist to the work of Cyanogen in the Android ecosystem.

Cyanogen are in full transformation. Kirt MacMaster has ceased to be the CEO to take, in exchange, the executive chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. Steve Kondik, which it shares with MacMaster the title of founder of Cyanogen, will be the Chief Science Officer in addition to chief technological.

And, therefore, Cyanogen debuts a new executive director. It is Lior Tal, the up to now chief of Operations, who in addition to becoming the new CEO of Cyanogen are to join the Board.

But that is not all. Cyanogen will also give you a back to your strategy, while respecting the mission of “create a platform Android truly open, collaborative, and with no restrictions”, according to indicates the own Such, that rejects limitations such as “to hold and deliver the stack complete system operating”.

Cyanogen has announced the program Cyanogen Modular OS who wants to delve into that goal of a best Android but without certain hurdles that come by imposing the work of Cyanogen. Lior Tal recognizes that CyanogenMod “it was an initiative of great success. Led to tens of millions of people to showcase their devices with build open source of CyanogenMod and its derivatives. The synergy between Cyanogen Inc. and the community OSS resulted in the launch of nearly twenty mobile devices with Cyanogen OS, which have been used by millions of people”.

“however”, continuing, “in recent years, Android and the mobile ecosystem have changed. Android has become extremely fragmented causing serious security vulnerabilities, and little or no incentive to device manufacturers to deliver updates”.

Cyanogen Modular OS you want to give more freedom to the manufacturers smartphones, to create widgets customizable taking advantage of different parts of Cyanogen OS “through the dynamic modules and MODs, the ROM of your choice”. This platform give you access, also, to artificial intelligence technology.

From Cyanogen expect that this project will make that “the courage, the independence and the intelligence to flow freely between the layers of the ecosystem, providing to more businesses and developers the freedom to borrow, to join and to use our technology in new and innovative ways”.