NetEvents brings together experts of the sector who seek the winning formula of shielding the company.

Special from London

The annual meeting of european organised NetEvents in London has been limited this year to a single topic: cybersecurity. Couldn’t have coincided at a time more successful: even with the hangover of the global WannaCry, which is estimated to generate damages quantified by 4,000 million dollars, in a city that has just been struck by terrorism.

On the stage experts, analysts and manufacturers have put in common their vision on the current situation.

“Paste ‘cyber’ to the word ‘safety’ it no longer has much sense”, has begun Briand Lord, of OBE. “Refers to the computers, something that we use every day” has been argued. So, suggests, that when you start talking security to dry.

With this, the Lord has given start to a discussion that has already taken it for granted that the security must be embedded in every product and service that is used in the corporate environment, but with some conditions. For a start, security is important, but should not be the only issue to consider. “Business first,” says Guy Franco, co-founder of Javelin, security company. “We need to find a balance between business and security”.

The panel of experts has not reached an agreement on the perfect formula for this balance, although we have shared some ideas that wouldn’t budge to achieve it. For example, the need for a platform of unified security in every company, the obligation to monitor access to the system to detect anomalies or the urgency to create products that are preventive and take proactive measures.

“we’re in a time when more companies than ever offer the security products most competitive in the history”, has reflected Greg Fitzgerald, COO of Javelin. “But at the same time we are seeing cyber attacks are more sophisticated”, lamented.

Fitzgerald believes that the fear factor is very much needed in this industry. When it disappears, you lose the awareness. In all scenarios: from the end user to the company.

Other participants in the panel, as Scott Register, Ixia, believe that the strategy should focus more on protecting the assets of the company in place of face attacks.

“he Must have a level of security on all ends of the company,” he said. Then, identify the most critical assets and protect them.

For Paul Ferron, representative of CA Technologies, you must have in addition a co-operation between the customers and the sellers. Agrees on the need to make decisions about what assets to prioritize from the point of view of security,, but considered that it should be a joint work. Trust in a third party and work hand-in-hand with the same for the management of security is crucial, sentence.

But as so often happens, the real success of any security strategy begins with the awareness on the bases. Without trained personnel, without the “fear” constant to the external attacks to which reference was made to the representative of the Javelin, and above all, no responsibility, no shielding possible.

“When the social media platforms you ask for the street in which you were born, not contestéis, by god. Not contestéis”, has recommended, among laughter, Scott Register, Ixia.