will Be held early in December and will compete with mature projects, which take years of work.

from November 30 to December 3 will be held a new edition of CyberCamp. And, for the third consecutive year, will include the competition Hackathon.

This Hackathon is to extend from 1 to 3 December, and allow competing programmers, code developers and enthusiasts against teams that are called upon to work on cyber security solutions open source.

The organization has reported that this time, as a novelty, you will be able to compete with projects of greater maturity. With projects of “weeks, or even months, or years,” working at their backs.

The top teams will take home a technology award for each of its members. And, in addition, there will be a special mention for the best project submitted solely by students.

As a rule, teams must have four components, such as maximor. You can also participate individually. The interested parties have to first select a solution, application or security tool on which to make contributions.

The deadline to be submitted to the Hackathon CyberCamp 2017 is not yet open. Is open “in the coming weeks”.