security experts warn about the danger of dissemination of phishing messages through apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and Line, or even by SMS.

The campaign of the Income 2016 has already begun. And it seems that cybercriminals will seek to exploit this theme to defraud the Spanish users.

What? Through messages phishing, usurping the identity of the Tax Agency. This is something that has already happened in other years, but is now expected a novelty in tactics. Due to the popularity that have gained the messaging application through a mobile, the security experts warn about the possibility of the criminals to send your messages to phishing through WhatsApp and similar programs. And not only via email, as in the past.

“The considerable increase of phishing in the instant messaging apps that we’ve seen this year, we anticipate that for the campaign of the Income, the hackers will try to be in applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Line”, lists Hervé Lambert, Global Consumer Operations Manager at Panda Security.

But there is an added risk. Cybercriminals could take advantage of also SMS. Here Lambert warns that “we must pay special attention to these communications, since the Tax Agency does use this channel to communicate with the population”. What the best advice? “Doubt of all that message in the that to ask us any data for billing or collection, as the Treasury already has that data. In case of doubt,”, adds the Global Consumer Operations Manager of the Spanish Panda, “it is better to go directly to the website of the Tax Agency or go to any physical space in which an official resolves any question”.

Other recommendations passed by watch the language if there are spelling mistakes, that is something that can happen easily if one takes into account that many bands of criminals are foreign and not fluent in the language, and compare the logos and corporate colours included in the message with the officers.

it is Also necessary to check links to check up where directed. If, for example, are encouraged to download the program FATHER, it would be cheating, because this year the declaration is done telematically through the web of the Tax Agency.

in Addition, Panda Security, explains that the messages that are sent with the motive of an alleged accounting error and ask for bank details to process a income collide head-on with the conduct of the Treasury.