the second edition of The Digital Enterprise Show wants to go beyond the transformation to identify the digitization status of each company.

the organizers of The congress Digital Enterprise Show 2017, which will be held in Madrid during the days 23 to 25 may, is already with the machinery at full capacity to produce an event that is intended to be a reference to the global level. This second edition will be marked by greater internationalisation, as pointed out in a meeting with the media, Albert Planas, managing director of Nebext, the company behind the organisation of the DES. Keep in mind that the steering was one of the people responsible for bringing the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a few years ago.

Before sorting out the details of the edition in 2017, the Flat was balance of the first delivery, held also last may in the Spanish capital. In total, was attended by just over 18,000 professionals from 49 countries and counted with the presence of 70 sponsors.

One of the differentiating features is the breadth of congress to other countries, but also the extensive verticalization by technological solutions that are split: Cloud, Mobile, Big Data & Analytics, Social Business, Cybersecurity, IoT, Networks, Connectivity, ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Marketing Automation, GIS, Robotics, and Visualization. You must take into account that the strategies of digital transformation vary significantly depending on the sector in which it operates, every organization, a detail that has had very in account those responsible. In addition, the scanning process is continuous, as pointed Louis Altes, Strategy Director of Digital Enterprise Show: “the digital world is in continuous progress. Here  nothing is definite. Companies that think they have it all done in the field of digitization are wrong”.

this way, it is important for organizations to understand that you must make an investment linear and to always be alert in order to respond to the needs of their customers, “to bring the client to the next level,” said Altes.

Every vertical sector of the DES 2017 will have their own space in the congress
Each vertical sector of the DES 2017 will have their own space in the congress

This year comes into play one of the new areas –and the protagonists — of the DES 2017, the so-called Digital Maturity Journey. Visitors will be able to identify at what point is the strategy of digitization of their companies, allowing them to focus on one of the three stages in which is divided this trip: Start, Perform:, Optimize. In the first be able to understand customers, leaving all the resources prepared for the adoption of the digital transformation and define a business strategy supported by technology. During the second stage, you will improve business performance and will put customers at the center of the business. To do this, it will be necessary to adopt the “digital culture”, one of the processes maybe more we complicate in organizations beyond the adoption of technology: “the assumption that technology can bring you to the next window of the transformation, but it is necessary that all workers are prepared for it,” added Altes.

The last stage refers to the optimization made previously, “to go beyond what you expect really the client”, although the manager pointed out that few companies reach this level today. Here it is important to “empower” the talented, re-imagining the corporate vision and identify trends that can change the rules of the game in the near future.

All this and more you will be able to know first-hand during the next edition of the Digital Enterprise Show through 4 plenary sessions, 5 “titans”digital (speakers: high-profile) 3 super-sessions and 10 auditoriums that will develop talks in parallel during the three days that lasts the event. to Silicon will be there to tell the tale, one more year, as mediapartner of the DES 2017.