Although fear of video game delays due to the coronavirus is evident worldwide, DOOM Eternal could see the light. Its launch, perhaps because most players have had a lot of leisure time in recent days, has been a resounding success. After a few hours of its release, the shooter exceeded 100,000 recurring players on Steam.

It was easy, because the confrontation with Animal Crossing promised to be tough. Despite this, DOOM Eternal has far exceeded all expectations and doubled the figures for the 2016 installment, with 44,000 players. And not only on Steam, Twitch has seen more than 125,000 people connect to streams to closely follow the gameplay of the video game.

DOOM Eternal has doubled the numbers that its 2016 delivery achieved The launch trailer, the brutality of the action and the great customization capabilities it promised, have not disappointed. There are already many players praising how spectacular it is to play DOOM Eternal. Although not everyone is getting the most out of their computers, that’s why there is even an optimization guide that every user should consult.

While the numbers continue to rise and social networks are filled with comments and images about the successful premiere, we leave you here the analysis we made of the video game. An experience where it is difficult to be disappointed, it offers just what we were expecting and it is difficult to further increase its degree of intensity.

Image of DOOM Eternal