127 Gbps has been reached.


The telecommunications company Gala Orange has revealed that during December 24 and 25 the data traffic registered in its network has skyrocketed.

Specifically, there was an increase of 70% to 127 Gbps compared to the same days of a year earlier. 4G traffic accounted for 62% of the total. The figures, Orange says in its official statement, exceed 80 Gbps during peak hours, which compared to 2015 figures is an increase of 130% .

This increase is due to the growing use of social networks and mobile applications to congratulate Christmas. It is these modalities that are imposed, and that is that voice traffic increased by only 4% year-on-year.

The mobile is imposed

The use of mobile phones for all kinds of activities increases by leaps and bounds. Last November a study of Statcounter revealed that for the first time mobile traffic had exceeded traffic via desktops , with 51.3% versus 48, 7%, respectively.

The trend was quite predictable. Already in May 2015, Google said that more searches are done by mobile phone than by desktops.