what A lucky game series Monster Hunter but in the format free-to-play? So defined many the launch of Dauntless, and it seems that the formula has convinced so many others already that it has become a success among the players.

Dauntless has been larger than Fortnite on PlayStationhas announced Jesse Houston, CEO of Phoenix Labs on his personal Twitter account, where has revealed that his title has been the most played in the month of may in PS4, above the true giants of free as Fortnite or the recent phenomenon Apex Legends. "Dauntless has been larger than Fortnite in the PlayStation the past month".

The video game, in fact, heads a ranking in which the second position is for Fortnite, the third for Apex Legends, and are in sixth or seventh place other titles such as Warface or Realm Royale. True giants of the action.

What is especially worthy of all of this is that the video game was released in the last weeks of the month of may, namely on the 21st day, with which has had just 10 days to achieve this striking result. For the moment we do not have indexes on other platforms, but no doubt soon we will begin to know the caliber of your results.

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