Death Stranding was announced in 2016, but still we do not know much of him. What are you doing your development? Hideo Kojima, game director, commented on his personal Twitter account (the japanese, as has another in English) that the game goes through a "critical stage" where it is playable, but you would still need to connect, modify and refine all of its parts.

The creative, he admits to what played out daily on PS4, but we assume that it must be a tough experience because it has yet begun to adjust the difficulty, or to clean the game of bugs, and we don’t talk of a game stitched as such. It makes sense, on the other hand, expect to have the game spinning and cohesive before correcting errors. Especially if these parties are going to be altered in some way.

"[Death Stranding] is not yet in the stage of polishing or adjustment of difficulty, but but we are combining all of the parts that we have done in development tools, such as a single game" explains Kojima. "it Is a process to connect the parts, fix the gameplay, feelings, production, specifications, problems, and perfect your core, making changes as I’m playing it day-to-day on PS4. A critical stage".