for The first time that you find Genichiro Ashina in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you’ll be completing the tutorial in the company of Kuro. But later, in the conquest of the Castle of Ashina, you’ll fight him in a more acceptable conditions. In this guide, we will focus on this second meeting to explain how to defeat Genichiro Ashina and his improved form: Genichiro, path of Tomoe.

that’s Right! This head is a kind of "two for one" you will tighten the nuts to the maximum. In fact, many believe that this chief is, in reality, a test of skill that the game requires to continue. Let’s take a look.

The end of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, how many there are and how to unlock?

Genichiro Ashina: quick look

  • A true test of skill with a unique surprise.

  • Has two life bars, but then becomes Genichiro, path of Tomoe. This new version of the opponent has a single bar of health.

  • don’t recommend any gun prosthetic in particular.

  • Heal before the start of the second phase.

  • Is quite recommended to have unlocked the counter-attack Mikiri, if you don’t already have it.

During the first phase of combat, Genichiro Ashina attacks with his sword and body to body. Most of his combos start the same way: charged attack, attacks faster and faster, and finally another charged attack seemingly random. This last can also be the same as the first, opening a second combo identical but with a different ending. I don’t typically do more than two combos in a row, so keep an eye on the final blow because it always opens a gap to attack (as they usually do the bosses in titles From Software).

As we do not expect the mates to the first, maybe you are interested in "to let you win" in the first clash, limitándote to pay attention to increasing pace of their quick attacks and holding the raised sword in place for a counterattack every hit. Why would you do this? Because the best way to defeat Genichiro is breaking your posture, not your health (like almost all the bosses); and to do this correct is to fight back every one of your quick attacks. In the end, you’ll see that his slashes faster offset mashing LB/ L1 without too much of a hassle, but you have to get used to the tempo in order to do well.

Yes it is a good idea, on the other hand, to block his various attacks with bow and arrows, as you will have a few seconds to retrieve your position before re-enzarzarte with him. In terms of attacks more hard, we found a pit in salto that you can dodge very easily to one side. It may also surprise you with a cutting front that you can fight back with the technique of Mikiri and hit from the side pretty cruel. In the latter, Genichiro is done to one side and made a quick slash from the flank.Technically you can take the time to give it a blow or two, but we recommend that you not be impatient and wait to block or counterattack. Also note that this pit can start a new combo.

The second phase arrives! Genichiro Ashina is now Genichiro, Tomoe’s path. A more powerful and agile version, which imbues its arrows in pure electricity. Sounds awesome (and it is), but in reality there are only a few modifications from the first phase. The first thing is that it attacks us with a long jump movement that you can fight back with Mikiri. The side cut that chained or ended combos before is now harder to read, slower at the beginning and faster at the end. You should better count the time before raising the sword. But yours travels almost at ground level, so you can also jump to avoid damage. With this and keep in mind that dodging their new arrows is better than blocking them, you will be well prepared.