The XPS 13-inch, which the manufacturer introduced in 2015 was a great look at the future of devices 2-in-1.

Dell working on the update its range of laptops and convertibles XPS with a new 13-inch model. The new computer 2-in-1 will come with Windows Central built-in and it seems that a screen, Infinity Edge, in accordance with the web site manufacturer.

Dell is one of Microsoft partners that are betting heavily on Windows 10 and, as you continue to grow the adoption of devices 2-in-1, the XPS family will be one of the betting technology of the year.

There are good reasons to think that the PC convertible will be the reference for the Windows portable starting this year. The best laptop of Windows last year it was a convertible from HP.

Dell will present the technical details of the new XPS 13-inch in the framework of the technology fair CES 2017.

The model which introduced in 2015 it was a great look at the future of laptops. Since then, Microsoft has given manufacturers even more reasons to build modular equipment-friendly with its new all-in-one Surface Studio (the technology Surface Dial which incorporates a small cylinder that allows a new interaction with the computer, should be open to other manufacturers).