Dell Technologies has announced the results of the third quarter of its fiscal year 2018, encompassing the business, Dell, Dell, EMC, and VMware.

Dell Technologies has completed your third quarter, corresponding to its fiscal 2018.

this quarter, its chief financial officer Tom Sweet destaca “a solid performance across the business”. In total, Dell Technologies has reported earnings statements for value of about 19.600 million dollars, which is a 21 % year-on-year more, and an operating loss of 533 million, as compared to 1.637 million a year ago. The operating income non-GAAP is close to 2,000 million.

segment to the Client Solutions Group, this is, by Dell, provides income of 10,000 million dollars. This is 8 per cent higher than a year ago. It should be noted that The would be performing better than the overall market of PC and, for example, has become to increase its share in a matter of units again, and they are now 19 quarters in a row. In terms of operating income, this business provides 672 million.

In terms of Infrastructure Solutions Group (Dell EMC), their revenues have been 7,500 million and its operating revenue, from 678 million. Servers and networks provide 3,900 million, which is 32 % year-on-year more. While, revenues from storage are 3,700 million.

finally, VMware has achieved revenues of 2,000 billion and operating income of 639 million.