The Destiny universe is about to receive great news. The end of the Season of the Worthy of Destiny 2 It is approaching, and everything points to Bungie ending this cycle in style just before announcing all the details about the last season of Year 3 … as well as the expansion that marks the premiere of Year 4. It’s a crazy chain of events, but at least we already have a date for each one of them.

Tomorrow, June 6, the Strategy (Golden Age military AI) Rasputin will fire his cannons to destroy the Cabal Almighty ship , which had been threatening the destruction of the Sun for months — in recent days, in fact, many players could see how the ship was getting closer and closer to the star of our Solar System. It is unclear if this will occur as a Fortnite-style live event , where players can move freely while watching events occur in the distance, or if (more likely) everything will go as < b> kinematics .

In retrospect, the Season of Dawn had a similar community effort to that of the Serafin Towers of this occasion ; and at the time everything ended with a cinematic where the guardian restores the lighthouse gates, resulting in the inauguration of the Trials of Osiris. Be that as it may, keep in mind that it is likely that the kinematics on duty can be seen just after the daily restart , which in Spain takes place at 7:00 pm PST.

What happens next is a mystery, but recently a trailer was leaked —now made official by Bungie— anticipating that on June 9 at 18:00 we will be able to see a special program with information about the next content season and, more importantly, about the next expansion. Everything points to it taking place in Europe, Jupiter’s moon, and that both Eris Morn and the Nomad will have prominent roles in the fight against pyramid ships and a potential new alien faction.