What could have been and was not. It is the thought that comes to mind with the new information arising from the Star Wars game that was canceled . The project was being carried out by Visceral Games , the team responsible for the Dead Space saga , and directed by Amy Hennig , writer of the first three Uncharted games, the saga Soul Reave ro Jak & Daxter among others.

The producer Zach Mumbach has been chatting with the YouTube channel
MinnMaxShow , where he has revealed interesting contributions about the game, especially focused on why it was never published never and led to the shutdown of Visceral Games .

The game was quite advanced: you felt like it was Star Wars Uncharted The main character of the game was, according to the producer, a mix of Robin Hood and Star-Lord . Its design was quite advanced and there were several levels, one of them being a spectacular chase with an AT-ST. “It was a great moment. You were on foot on the run, but you were more agile, going through alleys, crashing and taking advantage of the destruction physics of Frostbite … you would feel like you were in a Star Wars Uncharted ”. The game’s progress was on track: «We had a piece that was basically finished — we were putting the finishing touches on it just as they closed the studio.»

The game’s code name was Project Ragtag , but it all came to nothing because of Battlefield Hardline . Mumbach blames EA’s lack of organization. He claims that the company asked them to develop the Battlefield Hardline. It was a studio specializing in single player games, and they had to make changes for the assignment.In the process, many creatives on the team that had been part of the success of Dead Space left for other studios when they were forced to work on the development of a new Battlefield , focused on multiplayer mechanics.

Those who were good at what we did left when they were forced to work on Battlefield Hardline “There were people who were experts for single-player games and storytelling. Some went to Crystal Dynamics to work on the Marvel’s Avengers game. That’s fine, they are things that happen. So we hired some experts in multiplayer FPS. But when we launched Hardline, they came to us that we had to develop a game in the third person. This is hard for me to overcome. Who was in charge of the plan? There was no plan, of course . We were experts in one genre, we changed the whole studio and then they told us ‘do what you did before’, but we were like ‘those who were good at what we did before have left’ ”.

Finally, Mumbach is very clear that the game would have swept, and is left with the bad taste in his mouth that I could have harnessed Amy Hennig’s talents with the license: “I was thinking, there’s the fucking Amy Hennig, we have a chance to make the best Star Wars game ever made and a candidate for GOTY. This is not an Army of Two «.

Later, Mumbach left EA, who have returned to bet on the games of the saga Intergalactic for a player with Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order . Mumbach is currently working on the standalone game Airborne Kingdom .