Prodware identifies five groups of computer threats: carelessness (or ignorance), e-mail, malicious, malware, phishing and physical events.

The technology has its advantages for enterprises, but it also leads to certain drawbacks that need to be resolved. It is inconvenient to level of security. And is that with the growth of connected systems, increase at the same time the threats that want to gain access to them.

according To the Whitepaper Computer Threats: protects your business in the cloud that he has published Prodware, scanning, remote working and use of different networks are situated as the main entrance doors to the hackers. At the time of the attack the companies, these criminals try to exploit security holes and, while there are multiple threats, Prodware speaks of five groups starting that would be the carelessness, or ignorance on the part of the people, the malicious emails, the malware, the phishing and the physical happenings.

as for the victims, they can fall into the trap of businesses of all sizes. Although smes are becoming a lucrative goal because it does not implement measures of protection such as railway. In fact, the INCIBE’s estimated that 70 % of the 115,000 cyber incident that there were last year addressed to organizations of small and medium-sized.

“The first step that must lead to companies to ensure cyber security and to control the confidentiality of your data is the choice of the appropriate technology that support your infrastructure and protect your information”, determines Ramón de Cózar, director of Innovation of Prodware, Spain.

“companies no longer can sit idly by in the face of threats existing”, it follows From Cózar, “need to be aware of that are directly responsible to the competent bodies, and for that reason need to establish the strategies and technical mechanisms necessary to try to avoid them”.

From Prodware indicate that, for example, the servers themselves are no more or less safe, but what causes that security (or insecurity) is the configuration and the protocols implemented. “At this level”, determined, “the cloud offers a more favourable environment to establish security guarantees are superior to large-scale”. In fact, it is expected that the spending on solutions cloud has increased by 30 % to get to 2018, from 2013.