There are game modes that are perfect for some titles but, for one reason or another, their developers choose not to include them. DOOM Eternal is one of those games that would like a Mode Horde , and since id Software is not animated, the modder community is.

User Modder Proteh has published the first version of the mod that puts the players of the frenzied shooter to the test, facing all kinds of beings in rooms full of enemies that are becoming increasingly difficult.

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The mod will allow us to advance in rooms full of increasingly difficult enemies In addition, its manager has added characteristic aspects to the mod, such as starting only with the Shogun and its two unlocked modifications. As you progress it is possible to unlock points and modifications for weapons and the suit and thus try to facilitate the task. All the powers that we find in the game can be unlocked as we progress in the rooms; until the final round, which promises to be more difficult than any other combat arena in the original game.

From the website of Nexus Mods you can access this particular mod that will release the more visceral and gory side of the game . Meanwhile, we remind you that in October it will arrive Ancient Gods, the next DLC for Doom Eternal .