Driveclub servers have been closed . I guess this puts an end to a little tragedy. One that at the time marked enough current affairs at the beginning of the generation and that swept on its way to a great studio like Evolution and a great bet as this game was. I will always defend Driveclub. Or #Driveclub, as it was officially named and silly to play cool in times of hashtags and trending topics. Perhaps I defend it too intensely because, between some things and others, the game was not allowed to breathe. That way even the best swimmer drowns. There was more talk about the controversy of its servers, its constant downfalls, its version of the Plus, than the game itself.

The hyperrealism of its cars and circuits continues to leave me speechless AND DriveClub always seemed like a demand. In arcade style, not because it is arcade it has to be little worked or easy — few things bother me more than using the word arcade in a derogatory way. To the quick menus, that allow you to stop milongas, choose a race and roll right away. To quasi-instantaneous loads, which encourage you to restart your career to break records. Break records, read; grabbing all the stars and stinging yourself with a colleague in a time trial was delightful. Also to the hyperrealism of its cars and circuits, which still leave my mouth open even today with those effects of rain and the small drops perched on your Ferrari. Are we talking about updates? Because the work that was done here with constant improvements and expansions He was masterful of all kinds, filling and filling the game with new tests and well-planned circuits.

Image of DriveClub