The goal is that those workers that are out of the office to be able to access the most recent versions of documents.

With the goal to facilitate the work when employees are out of the office, and low risk of running without connection to internet, Dropbox has announced the launch of the folders mobile offline.

These folders will be available first in the app of Dropbox for devices that work with the operating system Android, but is already provided their introduction also in the version for iOS. To iOS will arrive in early 2017.

What allows Dropbox with this novelty is mark entire folders, instead of selecting file-to-file, for the content that you will be keeping them synchronized with phones and tablets. In this way, even when there is no possibility to connect to the internet, the application of Dropbox give you access to the information. And will do so with guarantees that this information is up-to-date.

“When you accounts with which the travel time will be a productive part of your work day, be offline at the wrong time, it can be an interruption frustrating”, valoran from Dropbox, hence the reason why this company has decided to introduce “a new feature premium that allows you to continue working from your phone, no matter where you are”. You can enjoy the folders mobile offline clients of the Dropbox Pro, Business and Enterprise.

in Addition to fighting against the stops of activity, Dropbox explains that this functionality brings advantages of communication. Not in vain, for both the employees who are out as those who have remained at their tables working be interacting with the most recent documents.