Among other things, Dropbox advances in collaboration by allowing files to be shared in iMessage conversations and to see changes made by other users in open documents.


Dropbox has adapted to iOS 10 . The popular storage company cloud has updated its application for iPhone phones and iPad tablets. This is already version 18.2 and basically gives mobile users who are adept at Apple devices much more productivity.

There are five news contained in the new Dropbox for iOS, starting with the possibility of signing PDF documents in this application, which saves the intermediate steps of printing and scanning. Now the management of PDFs can be done digitally.

Second, Dropbox has been integrated with iMessage so that users are able to share files with their colleagues that had been saved in their cloud store, directly < strong> in instant messaging conversations. This will not require changing from one app to another, since it will be enough to select the content you want to teach. Nor will we have to alternate between applications that usually rival the screen space in the specific case of tablets. For example, you can watch a video while working on another program. And Dropbox promises that support for the split screen feature will soon arrive.

Another advance has to do with collaborations. Dropbox begins to notify to mobile users when someone makes changes and saves them on a version of an open document at that time. With a simple touch, the file will reload showing what is different.

Finally, the widget of Dropbox can be added to the iOS 10 lock screen for c rear files, view them or even scan them without having to unlock the terminal .