Dynatrace launches its virtual assistant capable of answering questions about application performance through Amazon Alexa and Slack.


It is already becoming usual to assign simple tasks to voice assistants. «Siri, call Maria,» or «Alexa, play U2 on Spotify.»

Dynatrace wanted to give a twist to the use made of voice assistants and has just launched «Davis», an assistant who answers complex questions asked in natural language.

Davis is able to respond to issues related to the performance of a company’s applications and provide solutions to possible problems. In short, the assistant is able to report on the operation of the IT infrastructure.

You can interact through voice with Amazon Alexa or chat, with Slack , without the need for screens or the more traditional control panels.

The company is working on improving and extending the initial version and has announced its intention to create a community of users to share updates that will be available for download through GitHub.

With the help of this announcement, Dynatrace has revealed the integration of the Visually Complete solution into its application monitoring platform. View the speed with which an application is processing its contents on a PC screen or mobile.

«It’s as if a member of the company’s IT team is sitting next to the user ,» said Marc Olesen, CEO of the company’s Digital Experience.