One of the features of the new generation of Microsoft is the Smart Delivery, that allows us to play the same game that we bought for Xbox One in Xbox Series X there is no need to spend money and with all the improvements of the console of the last generation.

however, during the presentation of Madden NFL 21 in the Inside Xbox in may, it was confirmed that the game could be updated for Xbox Series X free, but under a program of his own Electonic Arts called Dual Entitlement, and not Smart Delivery. In this way, the players would have a term of purchase until the end of the year, and should update it before April of 2021.

Now, EA has announced in an official press release that will extend this period of free upgrade to the new generation of Xbox. Now the term has been extended for one year, until the release of Madden NFL 22.

EA claims to have heard the petition of the players of Madden NFL"Having listened to the responses from our players, we have extended the offer during the whole season of Madden 21, and until the release of Madden NFL 22, so players will be able to update Madden NFL 21 in the Xbox Series X when you buy the console within that time period", says the press release of EA.

Image of Madden NFL 21