Your representative on this committee will be Righard Zwienenberg and the lens, to protect internet users against cybercriminals.

Advisory Group on Internet Security Europol has a new member.

this Is the manufacturer of security software, ESET, binds to this committee integrated in the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) established in 2013 by Europol in order to strengthen the legal response to cybercrime in the European Union. And to protect, therefore, to citizens, companies and governments.

ESET placed as a representative in the Group of Consultants on Safety on the Internet Righard Zwienenberg.

This senior researcher declares that “ESET joins the Advisory board as the company of technology for the greater security of the whole European Union, which represents for us a real pride”.

“sometimes”, says, “we collaborate with the authorities to stop the criminals, and now, with our knowledge and experience, we will be more prepared to advise the group of european experts with the aim of protecting internet users and help in the fight against cyber criminals”.

For his part, the head of the EC3, Steven Wilson, has said that “we are very happy that now ESET is part of the project and, with your advice, we will help control the growing problem of criminal activities on the internet”.