The suspicions of the problems between Netherrealm , creators of Mortal Kombat 11, and the organization of the EVO come from afar, hence the absence is not surprising from the latest video game from Ed Boon . That it is not Guilty Gear -STRIVE- would confirm that the game of Arc System Works will not arrive in time for the appointment in the United States, something that was speculated a few months ago.

The return from Marvel VS. Capcom 2 has been celebrated by all EVO players and spectators. However, will not be an open championship : it will be a tournament in which eight of the most prominent players of the Capcom crossover will participate. The first confirmed players for Marvel 2 are Justin Wong , Yipes , Duc Do and Sanford Kelly . The other four names will be specified in the months before EVO 2020.

Will the Mexican MKLeo revalidate his Super Smash Bros. championship? Ultimate of EVO 2019? The Spanish hope is in Shanks , which will have a new opportunity to improve its historic fourth position in the past EVO of Dragon Ball Fighter Z . Naturally, new information is expected from games such as new Guilty Gear or the expected The King of Fighters XV .