This means that, on average, each of them spends a month on apps at the end of the year.


Next year both Apple’s mobile app store and Google’s will celebrate their tenth anniversary. And the evolution of both has been remarkable since its launch.

This is reflected in a series of numbers provided by < strong> App Annie , which discovers that at the end of October this year the Apple App Store exceeded 2 million applications, while Google Play went from 3.5 million . As for the new applications, about 50,000 applications were added to the Apple store that month and another 150,000 to the Google store.

Another piece of information revealed by App Annie has to do with the time users spend using apps . On average, each user spends a couple of hours a day . Or, what would be the same, one month at the end of the year.

Looking ahead to 2018, it is expected that the accumulated expenditure by all stores of mobile applications exceeds 110,000 million dollars s, which means growing by 30% interannual Most of that expense will be contributed by the games, although the rest of applications that are not games will grow at a faster rate. It will also highlight the role of China, with a better progression than the world average.

At the moment, App Annie believes that more than 40 countries will end up contributing, individually, an expenditure over 100 million dollars in App Store and Google Play during this 2017. It will have to be seen.