Valued at 2.1 million, SumaCRM will maintain its independence despite the operation of acquisition.

a month Ago, from the Spanish company SumaCRM put forward that they had an offer of purchase. And now that the purchase has become effective.

The belgian Efficy, which is also specialized in the CRM market, has agreed to pay 2.1 million euros that iran spread out in three instalments. The first payment of 750 000 euros, will be held in November. The following, in 2020 and 2021.

But the operation of acquisition will not mean the disappearance of SumaCRM within Efficy. The CRM platform in Spanish aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises will continue its journey “living and independent”, and with the equipment you already have “intact”.

And is that the objective of the acquisition would be to increase the development of the product that offers through the features of Efficy CRM, which will be incorporated in SumaCRM.

“Now we are left with the best, and keep working on our dream that SumaCRM is the best CRM for smes, with the help of someone who already has made for medium-sized and large businesses, Efficy CRM”, says one of the founders of SumaCRM, Thomas Santoro.

Efficy, for their part, gain weight in the Spanish market. “All of the team Efficy is eager to work with the Spanish team”, says Cédric Pierrard, founder of Efficy CRM. “The acquisition will allow us to have more presence in Spain and to enter the sme market, that will be new to us”, recognizes. “Now with SumaCRM we have a solution for every company”.