Months after announce that they did not rule out buying more studios , THQ Nordic’s parent company has announced the acquisition of up to Eight new teams that join its already immense work group, with some notable new additions such as the authors of the Metro saga , which are now part of the Embracer Group , and will work independently under the umbrella of Saber Interactive , the authors of the successful World War Z, whom the group bought from just a few months ago.

4A Games is working on a new creative license, and in a joint project with Saber Interactive Curiously, both studios are collaborating in the development of a new video game that «combines triple production values A from 4A Games, the graphics and technology from the studio, with Saber Interactive’s experience in multiplayer games. » In addition, they announce, the studio has begun to work on a new creative license triple A «that takes advantage of its ten years of experience working on the Metro saga».

Nothing else is known about these projects, although the truth is that 4A Games has been recruiting new creatives for a season to work on their future video games. That said, as we already mentioned, Embracer Group has bought another seven studios more, among which are the authors of the action series Insurgency, the New World Interactive team. . They will also work at Saber Interactive Label, with whom they are collaborating in the development of the console version of Insurgency : Sandstorm , which will be released in the first half of 2021, predictably with versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X. On the other hand, they are working on an unannounced game, something new, but from their own creative license.

The list of new acquisitions also includes the authors of the curious MisBits , currently in early access, the makers of Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars , or even a new studio made up of industry veterans, Rare Earth Games, who will focus on the development of multiplayer action games for PC, consoles and cloud services. The complete list of new studies purchased by Embracer Group is as follows:

Just a few months ago Embracer Group announced that had about 120 games under development , of which about 70 had not yet been submitted. With these new acquisitions, THQ’s parent company continues to grow very strong in the video game industry.