It is more than evident that if we talk about role-playing video games that have marked a before and after in recent years we have to mention Skyrim . Bethesda’s video game is a masterpiece and even today many players continue to enjoy it , thanks also to a modder community that keeps the title very much alive for their fans. .

Recently, the modder «IconicDeath» has released a new mod that improves the textures of the structures from Skyrim: « Project Clarity — Architecture Textures Redone «. The main thing about the mod is that the modder has used artificial intelligence enhancement techniques and then modified them in image editing programs. The modder used as a base, yes, other better and cleaner textures from another creator, «Kartoffels».

The good news is that all these textures are similar to the originals and Bethesda’s work has not been reinterpreted. You will be able to enjoy the art and the real style, it is not a mod that changes that aspect, something that many fans will like. The textures of the buildings are mostly 2K , with some parts 4K , like the doors. The improvement is more than evident .

You can download this mod from here totally free . Recently we also told you that, thanks to another mod, you can play Skyrim cooperatively . Finally, although this mod that we have brought you improves the graphics , if you really want the Bethesda title to look like a next-gen game, take a look at these other mods .

If you are followers of The Elder Scrolls , surely you are very attentive to the news that is coming out from the next installment of Bethesda games, The Elder Scrolls VI . At the moment, very little is known about him and we do not know what his release date may be, something that remains a secret.

We also don’t know if it will be Xbox exclusive , something that Todd Howard found difficult to imagine . Anyway, the desire for the new installment is more than evident, and any message from Bethesda that can be interpreted as a reference to the game puts the community on alert and begins to get excited about the title .