Presents the service to companies in The Firewall Mindset, that wants to modify behaviors.

safety is a priority and a challenge, at the same time, for businesses. These have to face the attacks of the cyber criminals without forgetting to educate their employees, especially considering that a whopping 95 % of cyber attacks are caused by a human error that would not have happened with other work habits.

So says Entelgy, that as a method of struggle proposes a firewall “inside the head of the employees”.

To do this you have presented your service for companies The Firewall Mindset, which in practice is a model of awareness which seeks to modify the behavior professionals in the field of cybersecurity. This happens by re-aware of the danger and pass on digital skills more safe.

For the training, Entelgy passes from the seminars, traditional and brings methodologies such as storytelling transmedia and the gamification. “The key”, explains the company, “it is in turning knowledge into stories, giving the individual a reflection and at the same time securing and viralise new safety habits by using materials such as webisodes, cibertestimonios, infographics, assessments, simulation of attacks…“.

when developing new habits that avoid to fall in a hacking, The Firewall Mindset defends the thinking OPDA (observe, think, decide and act) like structure. This means that companies would have to establish a protocol for action against threats.