The new Evolved Wi-Fi Networks (EWN) solutions include the wireless technologies of both companies.


Ericsson and Cisco have announced the expansion of their strategic alliance , which will now also include a new offer of Wi-Fi solutions known as Evolved Wi-Fi Networks (EWN) , which combines Ericsson’s 3GPP access, networks and core applications with the Wi-Fi network of Cisco.

The objective is to be able to offer a reliable Wi-Fi that allows the highest performance in mobile equipment, cable and other clients working with Ericsson.

The inclusion of small internal cells through the combination of Ericsson’s internal access networks with the Cisco WLAN is intended for deployment in WiFi connectivity spaces and cellular networks . < / p>

On the other hand, operators that have Ericsson external access networks can use the Cisco WLAN to give access to their subscribers .

In addition, the integration of the Cisco WLAN with Ericsson’s macro or internal access networks makes it possible to address Ericsson real-time traffic , and in turn helps operators to drive users between WiFi or mobile access networks.

Finally, the integration of the Cisco WLAN in the Ericsson core package allows the use of reliable configurations so that operators offer all their core network services using WiFi for multimode devices .