Companies such as Transferwise, Veriff or Malwarebytes are involved in the program Work in Estonia looking for IT professionals worldwide.

For the second year, Estonia has launched a campaign to recruit talent and continue to strengthen its position in the technology market. A market which brings around 550 startups of sectors such as FinTech and GreenTech.

The campaign in question is called Career Hunt and is part of the government program Work-in-Estonia, which seeks to attract IT professionals from different parts of the world, including Spain.

stakeholders go to work the baltic country should be added to this initiative before the end of this month march. Those who sign up will face job interviews with different companies and that pass the initial selection will fly to Estonia for a five-day trip with everything included to continue with the process.

The participating companies are: Transferwise, Monese, Veriff, Starship Technologies, Pipedrive, Thorgate, Taxify, Malwarebytes, Finestmedia, Icefire, betPawa, Swedbank Estonia, Genius Sports Services Estonia and Mooncascade.

Kaisa-Triin Kosenkranius, head of project Career Hunt program Work in Estonia, explains that the candidates should not be “fooled by its small size,” as the country “it is well and truly integrated into the digital economy. The community of startups of Estonia is united”, says, “offering professionals tech are endless opportunities for your creative ideas to life, both at local and international level”.

The startups of Estonia have contracted to 581 foreigners. The previous edition of Career Hunt pointed 5,500 people.