At the hardware level, has introduced the ‘switch’ SLX 9030 and the ‘routers’ SLX 9640.

Extreme Networks has updated their network solution for data center environments.

Has expanded the capabilities of automation and intelligence of the Agile Data Center and, in addition, it has introduced new platforms Extreme SLX of switching and routing.

These platforms for hardware-oriented data centers of new generation are, on the one hand, SLX 9030 or switches leaf to a configuration top-of-the-rack and SLX 9640 or routers high performance to the end, and the interconnection of facilities.

In terms of the new functions of the software that introduces Extreme Networks, highlights for example the Extreme Workflow Composer to automate functions network even if you use equipment from different manufacturers. What it seeks is to manage from a single console resources of network, storage, computing, and security. With Extreme Management Center gaining time management and resolution of incidents.

in Addition, Extreme Networks promises that automation of network processes can be performed flexible, drawing tools, type Ansible.

With the help of ExtremeAnalytics, network administrators will have access to information and metrics on the IT infrastructure to knowledge context. And functionality guest VM of the switches and routers SLX offers analysis distributed.

finally, Extreme Networks has sought to highlight the fact that your network architecture is not the owner.