Is based in the cloud, and get to choose between six different settings.

Extreme Networks introduces in the market a new network solution for the sector retail called Extreme Retail Select and defined as “turnkey”.

cloud-Based, consists of a solution pre-configured adapts to different environments. Choose between six settings, from the basic connectivity to the high-quality experience, in order to simplify to distribution companies or large consuming tasks of selection, deployment and management of network in all of its establishments.

Other features would be the automation, the capacity of analysis and knowledge network, since it takes advantage of architectures of cloud third-generation technology and machine learning, rapid deployment and security.

“The sector retail is aware of the need to address the digital transformation, but don't always know where to start”, says Mike Leibovitz, senior director of Product Management for Extreme Networks. “Our solution Extreme Retail Select can be incorporated in any transformation initiative, regardless of the point at which it is found, whether it is deploying a wifi network for customers or implementing a shop smart.

“we Offer businesses of retail a flexible platform based in the cloud that meets the needs of the IT department, simplifying the process of purchase and installation, and makes it possible for the user experience of the latest generation”, summarizes Leibovitz.