What makes it through the solution Extreme Networks, which allows unified management of all the infrastructure and automates processes with Co-Pilot.

“Be IT administrator in a world constantly connected is a difficult task,”.

With this sentence contextualizes Abby Strong, vice president of Product Marketing, Extreme Networks, the latest release of his company, which is a solution network management based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. is ExtremeCloud IQ, it’s called, uses this technology to enhance the visibility of the network, as well as control and automation.

“most of the suppliers of management solutions based in the cloud are focused on a single point in the network, which forces administrators to select various user interfaces to troubleshoot and manage the network”, explains Strong. “With ExtremeCloud IQ, we integrate our solution management ‘cloud’ with all our portfolio of network solutions, adding capabilities of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation to help reduce costs, and streamline IT operations” he says.

Enables the unified management of all the infrastructure from network, from wireless access points to switches, routers and security/NAC.

One of the advantages of ExtremeCloud IQ is that you can deploy in private or public cloud and on-mode on-premise.

This solution has been developed taking advantage of technology from Aerohive Networks, the Extreme Networks incorporated into its structure this summer, and is able to handle a 3 petabytes of data daily, with more than 3 000 million messages and events from instances of the application operating throughout the world.

among its features highlights Co-Pilot, who is provides contextual information of what is happening on the network, plus a chat tool smart to reduce technical support calls. And is that what we would look for Extreme Networks, is to save time for network administrators to automating repetitive tasks. You can automate processes RMA to request the replacement of devices that are functioning below their potential and, through Self-DFS, monitor channels DFS and provide guidance on its use.

Other features of ExtremeCloud IQ is the ISO/IEC 27001.