The program structures by cities the extensive community of developers of the social network.


The Facebook Developer Congress, F8, has just begun. Among the many novelties that were presented at the inaugural conferences, the expansion of Facebook Circles.

We say expansion because Facebook launched a pilot program to test them. Specifically the circles have been active since last year . The Lagos (Nigeria) circle now has more than 1,500 members, Ime Archibong, a Facebook executive, said on stage. Seeing the success, the company has decided to globalize them.

Circles are actually a way to organize and get more out of the developer platform that Facebook launched 10 years ago. Now, and as remember Forbes, more than 30 million applications and websites use the tools of Facebook developers. 80% of developers using the platform are outside the US.

The ‘Developer Circles’ program is designed to unite developers in local areas both offline and online. The idea is that share knowledge, share ideas and develop new projects together. It is also designed for students who consider developing an application.

Each circle , corresponding to a city, has a leader who organizes the events offline and what does training programs reach the participants. These training programs can address different topics, from open source technology to bots for Messenger.