This is a modern, innovative, flexible and robust digital signature application that streamlines the secure document rubric.


The Spanish company Factum has reached an important agreement to sell its SignBox solution , for secure document exchange, < strong> a ElevenPaths , the cybersecurity unit of Telefónica.

SignBox offers a file manager with the ability to create workflows , which facilitates the exchange of documents to be signed, between members of an organization and its collaborators.

It is a modern digital signature application that stands out for its innovation, flexibility and robustness, and streamlines the operation of secure document signing between companies and entities.

The solution is specially designed for organizations with a high and periodic signature activity of contracts, approvals, visas or any other type of document that needs the rubric or approval of one or more people.

Iosu Arrizabalaga, CEO of Factum, points out that “the trust of ElevenPaths means for our company the possibility of working with one of the greatest technological engines of our country , which is at the forefront of innovation in cybersecurity and has a strategic position to boost its progress and evolution ”.

Among the advantages of SignBox is the fact that adapts to each organization and allows savings of resources and time , as well as improving the agility of the rubric processes , from any place that has access to the information that is exchanged.

On the other hand, it also has a system of notifications customizable by each user , and allows the management by roles and the assignment to each user of the necessary permissions for the actions to be performed within the application.

Finally, mention that Signbox, is natively integrated with the SealSign platform , thus offering the possibility to add the custody and management features of digital certificates, in a centralized way, and a long-term archiving of electronic documents.