Fahrenheit has turned 15 years this 2020. It was the game that was a before and after in Quantic Dream , the studio responsible for very own works such as Omikron , Heavy Rain , Detroit Become Human or Beyond Dos Almas . To celebrate this special date, the French studio has revealed the release date of Fahrenheit 15th Anniversary Edition , coming very soon to PS4 and PC.

Fahrenheit was the turning point in the growth of the Quantic Dream studio The game will hit stores on December 15, a very Christmas time frame that also fits with some of the game’s scenarios. It will be a reissue of the game originally published on PS2, Xbox and PC, and will feature a physical edition distributed by Meridiem Games . It will arrive with a special box containing a sticker set, an art book and a thank you letter written by the Quantic Dream team who worked on the original development of the game: it will be released on PS4 and PC at a recommended price of 29.99 euros.

An opportunity to enjoy a psychological thriller that marked an era in its day thanks to its cinematographic development and the tense situations it offers, forcing the player to make decisions in a few seconds. The story centers on the story of Lucas Kane , who escapes from the law, trying not to be caught by detectives Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles after committing a crime that he does not remember committing.

If you want to know more about the game, we urge you to read our analysis of the original Fahrenheit . A work that, although it was not the first made by Quantic Dream, laid the foundations for what would come later, opening the way to a different genre due to its narrative and its action based on Quick Time Events . < / p>