Fall Guys continues its success, but for the moment, only on PS4 and PC , the only platforms on which the fighting jelly beans game that everyone speaks. An independent proposal that stands out for its relaxed tone and for being a party royale in which sixty competitors aim to cross the finish line first through the most crazy tests.

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Its success is being enormous. In just over a week it has exceeded two million copies sold on Steam , and that’s it available its first update with new tests . But other platform users wonder if the game will ever make it.

In the official support forums of the game, Mediatonic shares his ideas regarding the future of the game and answers questions from users. One of them is about the expansion of Fall Guys to other platforms. The team’s response is that while it’s only on PS4 and PC now, they’d be «delighted to bring the game to other platforms later,» urging players to comment on what system they want the game to be on to gauge demand. An answer that raises hopes of seeing Fall Guys on Xbox , Nintendo Switch or even mobiles.

Fall Guys is also taking advantage of the pull by being one of the free PS Plus games during the month of August. If you want to know everything it offers in depth, check a look at our analysis .