Fall Guys is the phenomenon of the moment. Everyone talks about the game developed by Mediatonic and edited by Return Digital which is causing a sensation on the networks, especially on media like Twitch. The one already baptized as the Yellow Humor of video games continues to reach milestones that show how hard its protagonist jelly beans have been hitting despite their adorable appearance.

< p class = 's16 fftext c2 lh27 img100 a_n'> Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has exceeded two million copies sold on Steam The team responsible for the game has communicated the data of the game in just under a week on sale. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has surpassed two million copies sold on Steam since its release on August 4. It thus becomes the most successful launch of the two companies . A remarkable fact especially if we take into account the quality of the games published by Devolver Digital. With this, it is also demonstrated that the success of the proposal does not come only because of the gratuitousness of being one of the games included in PS Plus during the month of August , but users are buying the title that has a sale price of 19.99 euros.

It is not the only data provided by Mediatonic and Devolver Digital. They have taken the opportunity to distribute a small infographic with more figures from these days . Fall Guys has awarded more than 1,500,000 crowns, a prize awarded to the winner of the test round; players have crashed 60,000,000 million times and have seen more than 23,000,000 hours of streaming. A resounding success that has made the game the sensation of the moment.

We will have to see where the Fall Guys adventure goes, and if it is able to stabilize the ‘boom’ that is having its first days and is able to stay in the spotlight for longer . Those responsible already have in mind new ideas and mechanics to show in future seasons . It’s hitting so hard that even the creators of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher have volunteered for a collaboration on the game.